Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Abhinav Bhindra Deserves a Big Hand

For the first time ever the Indian National Anthem was played at the Olympics, an event in which a resident Indian was given a gold medal. It was simply great to see the young Abhinav Bhindra receiving the medal without the nakra we have come to associate with the likes of Sania Mirza and of course, the cricketers. The outstanding performance of Abinav Bhindra was in spite of the Indian system and not because of it. It was due to his own effort and that of his family that was responsible for the outstanding performance. If we had the Indian Government involved in promoting shooting as a sport the fate would be disastrous. Just look at Hockey, a sport in which the like of Dyan Chand gave the country an enviable reputation. I think the time has come for the Indian Government at the Center and the State Governments to let go of sports and concentrate on just law and order.The demeanour of Abhinav Bhindra was quite a contrast with what we have come to expect from sporting icons. He comments were dignified and almost self deprecating. He did not hold himself as a model for the rest of the youth and honestly admitted that he "has been punching holes in paper bags for the last ten years" an obvious reference to target practice.Somehow NDTV was not happy with the victory of Abinav Bhindra--it was politically incorrect. A rich boy from a well-to-do family has won a gold medal. NDTV would prefer an OBC with a non English speaking background to have won a medal as that would promote the fractured political identity that is celebrated in elite circles in India today. So when Suhil Kumar won a bronze medal in yes a sport from the boon docks of the cow belt of North India,it was just the opportunity for NDTV to pull out all stops.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Terrorism, the Congress Regime and Sushma Swaraj

The repeated acts of criminal violence against the citizens of India should be a matter of serious concern if we have a half decent government. But we have in New Delhi a self obsessed bunch of courtiers and dynastic fascists who want to hood wink the people at every step. The Congress and its so called secular parties are never tired of saying that the minorities should not be disturbed. If jihad terrorists take refuge among the minority population how is the nation to defend itself. Now that HUJI is being suspected the police will have to investigate the settlement of illegal Bangladeshis in the country. To cry out of roof tops that police investigation is ipso facto minority harassment is another way of encouraging terrorism and the politicians who play this dirty game never suffer the consequences only innocent citizens.Susham Swaraj has drawn attention to the fact that the Congress Party is the likely benificaiary of the wave of terror attacks. In Assam the ULFA militants atre openly protected by the state leaders of thwe congress, in Nagaland the naga militants are close to the Congress. In fact the history of the Congress Party aiding and abetting with anti national groups is well known. Who supported the Sikh extremists like Bhindrewale? Everyone knows that Indira Gandhi for improving the electoral prospects of the Congress in the Punjab supported the Damdami Kahalsa terrorists and only when they gunned down Atwal, the DIG, near the Golden temple did she have any second thoughts. Her Home Minister misnamed Gnani Zail Singh must have been aware of the facts but being a courtier rather than a political figure he did not utter word and kept his mouth shut. Similarly in Tamil Nadu Mrs Gandhi aided and supported the LTTE throughout the 1982-84 period. Given the fact that the Congress has indulged in anti- national activities, I would not be surprised if the terrorists have acted in concert with their political supporters. When BJP ruled states only are targeted, if becomes clear that the terrorists see eye to eye with the Congress which is also anti BJP.The fact is that the vote of confidence won by the UPA is tainted victory and large sums of money have changed hands in order to ensure a comfortable victory for the Congress and the bunch of courtiers in the LOK SABHA. The terror strikes have diverted attention from the cash for vote scandal and I feel that the Susham Swaraj theory needs to be taken seriously. As long as India has anti national parties like the Congress and the Communists there will always be Terrorism.

In fact when Narasimha Rao was the PM the vote of confidence was won through outright bribery.