Friday, December 25, 2009

Ruchika Tragedy and the Indian Elite

Once again we find a powerful police officer responsible for the death of a young girl. By now, given the fact that the Indian media, like the people of India in general, have a short memory. How many remember the fact that not that long ago the IPS officer, and the father of 2 girls R K Sharma I PS was found guilty of hiring Tyagi gangsters from Meerut area and having Shivani Bhatnagar killed. People of India have come to expect from politicians and police officers a large degree of criminality and it is time we checked this. Because the people of India can be persuaded by emotion, cash and liquor it is time for patriotic and freedom loving people to come together to inflict punishment on criminals who use their high office and political clout to evade punishment. The high voltage media campaign does not help because even after the Priyarashini Mattoo, Jessica Lal, Nitish Kataria and the BMW cases we are not seeing a reduction in the number of cases in which powerful politicians and their associates escape the long arms of the law. It appears that only when the last witness against Lalloo Prasad Yadava is killed will the Fodder case come up before the Bench. More recently, in Madurai where 3 journalistss were killed in the Dinakaran office when it was attacked by DMK criminals led by "attack "Pandi and others, all the accused were acquitted and one of the prime accused is now serving as a Union Minister. There is just no point is thinking that politicians and powerful bureaucrats and policemen can be brought to justice. Justice must be brought to them in one form or other and only then will things change.
I was shocked at the brazenness with which S S Rathore IPS swaggers. The arrogance displayed by this criminal is breathtaking. He was responsible for driving a young and budding tennis player, Ruchika, to suicide after he raped her and threatened her family with dire consequences if they persist in prosecuting him for the crime. He subjected the entire family to humiliation and disgrace and this resulted in the young and impressionable girl killing herself. S S Rathore IPS is a police medal awardee and this itself shows that the Government of India honours powerful criminals if they are useful. Stripping him of the medal now will be only of symbolic value as he has already reaped the benefits of the ill bestowed medal. My question is simple: How do such criminals rise to the top and get away with their criminal behaviour, even rape and abettment to suicide. The answer is the politician-criminal officer nexus. Devil Lal's son of Meham fame, Om Prakash Choutala (a well deserved name for a Haryana politician) seems to have covered up for S S Rathore IPS.
I do not think that the common India citizen will ever see the fact that the politicians elected by the common man has all the traits of the common Indian citizen--criminality, venality, prone to moral turpitude and corruption. Therefore there in no point in saying that justice will finally triumphs. Only when we take it upon ourselves to punish wrong doers will the politicians fall in line.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Madhu Koda is Harassed and Humiliated by the Indian Establishmen's war against the Tribals

Everyone knows that Indian politicians are amongst the most corrupt in the world and the name of Spectrum King A Raja, Sukh Ram, Laloo Prasad Yadava and the late unlamented Narashima Rao are icons of filth, corruption and sloth of the worse kind. Yet the Indian people did not once punish them and the political system found place for them in the Lok Sabha. The only minister who was hauled up for crime was the Jharkhand leader, Shibu Soren and even he was ultimately let Scot free. The Spectrum King A Raja has made at least 50,000 crores and all that the chief courtier of Sonia can say is that he is innocent and the CBI is answerable only to the Prime Minister and therefore Spectrum King will go the Shibu Soren way. How much did Karthik Chidambaram make in the last few years and yet no response from the political class. However it is over eager to prosecute a tribal leader even when he is in the hospital,.
It seems Chidambaram has declared war on tribals: in the name of anti naxalite counterinsurgency he wants to eliminate the tribals from their rich forest land and hand over the areas to companies which serve the interests of Karthik and Co, I have always said that unless the people of India decide that the Indian Constitution does not contain any mention of the word Party and throw out the rascals who stand from organised thug gangs called recognised political parties the country has no future.
I am sure that Koda has made money. And so have 99.9% of the MPs. So why discriminate by invoking the law selectively

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Major Nidal Hasan and the Massacre at Fort Hood

The horrific incident at Fort Hood, Texas, should come as a wake up call to all those in the American academia who promote identity based politics:Gays, lesbians, minority, sexual preference, etc etc. Now the Muslim identity is becoming increasingly problematic in the USA and I believe that years and years of promoting identity politics has left the country without the means of even admitting to itself that the Islamic identity clashes head long with that of a secular nation state. The US media is already concluding that Major Hassan's crime does in no way reflect upon the patriotism of the Muslim-American population. May be so. My point is that the growing alienation of the Muslims from the mainstream of western collective life is contributing to the sense of unease and the killings in Fort Hood stems from that feeling of unease.
Let me at the very out set condemn in the strongest possible manner the violence against the army men and women at Fort Hood. My point is not to justify the crime but to say why it happened. Major Nidal by all accounts was being radicalised and his peers at Walter Reed had drawn attention to a presentation he made in which he seems to have justified suicide bombings. If this was indeed the case why did the Army not pay any attention. The practice of identity based sensitivity forced the authorities to turn a blind eye to the increasing radicalisation of one of their own. In a conflict between secular law and identity based Faith based customs the Army must enforce the secular law and in the name of minority rights it cannot permit the radicalisation of its members.
Major Nidal seem,s to have been harassed for his Muslim beliefs and humiliated for practicing his religion. By the same token, if an army man or woman is humiliated the authorities concerned must make a full and complete inquiry and set right the fraying human relations. This is absolutely essential in a heterogeneous army.
Finally, it would be a good idea not to deploy Muslims in the Army to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan as they would have to fight fellow Muslims. Secularists may not understand this, but practicing Muslims put faith above politics and the State

Friday, October 30, 2009

The anti Sikh Holocaust and the Congress Party: 25 years on

Today is remembered all over the electronic media as the day Indira Gandhi was killed by her own Sikh bodyguards. The mayhem that the Congress Part under the leadership of the son and successor of the then Prime Minister has been forgotten. Rajiv Gandhi famously remarked: When a big tree falls, the earth shakes. The cynicism inherent in the justification given by Rajiv Gandhi for the wholesale killing of 12,000 Sikhs in the city of New Delhi alone will remain an indelible blot on the recent history of India. The Congress apologist Ramachandra Guha in his India since Gandhi barely mentions this holocaust visited upon the Sikhs. I am not a Sikh and yet have not forgotten or forgiven the Congress Party for its complicity in the crime. If Narendar Modi is pilloried day in and day out by the same liberal media that talks of the post-Godhra riots, I wonder why the Barkha Dutts, the Paranoy Roys and the Arnab Goswamis remain silent about the massacre of the Sikhs in the 3 days of licenced killings in New Delhi, the so-called civilised Capital of the Republic of India. What is even more shameful is that not a single person has been punished in the 25 years since the riots. The Congress and the BJP together have ensured that that sordid chapter in India's past lies buried. The historians of JNU who spew out their liberal rhetoric on NDTV whenever they have a chance have ignored this carnage because they are interested in safe guarding the reputation of their "secular" party, the Indian National Congress.
I recently read a book published from Harvard University Press called the Black Book of Communism. This book documents in great detail the crimes perpetuated in the name of Communism from the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution to the organised slaughter of Pol Pot and his gang. In fact Communism has killed more than 150 million human beings since the beginning of the 20Th century. Compare this with the mere 13 million of Hitler and his thugs. The biggest crime in India can be laid at the doorstep of the Congress Party and as long as the people of India do not cut the hand that kills them they deserve no mercy.
To day let us take a vow in the name of all that we hold sacred that the criminals the anti-Sikh carnage will not go unpunished and that we will not vote for a party responsible for the largest massacre in Independent India

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why the politicians are responsible for Naxalite violence

P Chidambaram, the man who in now the Home Minister of India, should know that he did not win his Lok Sabha seat. He was declared the winner on the basis of the usual consideration, but this dothi clad Harvard returned police poses as if he is above the dirty level of Indian politics because he speaks flawless English. But in reality politicians like P Chidambaram and his dynastic fascist party the Congress has ensured the criminalisation of the Indian polity that any self respecting nationalist will feel that he has to liberate India from the clutches of such men who have perverted the ideals of India to serve petty personal and caste goals. In the name of democracy the politicians have enriched themselves and have set themselves as the custodians of Indian state. The world Party does not appear even once in the Indian constitution therefore this party based political system is actually a travesty of Indian constitution. Further the political parties are not even recognised in law: they are at best unincorporated associations and therefore in theory it should not be difficult to dismantle political parties using the methods of appropriate response.
The Naxalite movement that is strong in 20 states is the result of poor governance in which all funds for development are taken by the dominant castes in connivance with the political parties. The naxalite movement gains strength from the yawning divide between the political class and the labouring class. Unfortunately, the naxalite movement instead of surgically striking at the politicians is like any movement that has lost its ideological mooring is becoming increasingly a terrorist movement. According to the Report of the Home Ministry 4500 people have been killed in naxalite violence during the past 4 years. If the naxalites rid India of its politicians no one will complain, but unfortunately the indiscriminate violence unleashed by the naxalites in Chattisghar and Jharkhand make people wonder if there is any ideological essence left in the left movement.
The only way to tackle naxalite violence is to bring down the party based political system with its first past the winning post electoral system and replace it with proportional system of representation with to right of recall. I have no doubt that without thus change the naxalites will ultimately win because the politicians and political parties are very unpopular.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

DMK and its Dynastic problems: Manmohan Singh faces Difficulties in cabinet formation

The unexpected and may I add, rather shortsighted, electoral verdict from Tamil Nadu has given the thumbs up for the most rabid kind of dynastic and family based politics. The real issue before the aging patriarch of the Karunanidhi family is to reconcile the conflicting and increasingly unquenchable differences between the children of Muthuvel Karunanidhis's several wives and party loyalists. It is a well known fact that the daughter Kanimozhi is now emerging as his chosen successor in the "literary" field and therefore he would like to give her some post in the Central Government as a platform for her to develop and flourish after his demise. This is strongly opposed by his two sons, one with the improbable name, Stalin and the other the Lord of MaduraI, Alazhagiri. Now there is the curious presence of dayanidhi Maran the nephew and the most educated and ariculate of the Karuna tribe. The Congress is comfortable with this man and is willing to give him a minister ship.
The Congress which started this charade of Dynastic Politics is in no moral position to cry foul as it is shamelessly playing loyal coutier to Rahul Gandhi and Sonia. It would have been better if the BJP had made dynastic fascism as an electoral issue as the people of India did not struggle for freedom to hand over the nation to the New Mughals of Delhi. The DMK is fully exploiting the moral turpitude of the Congress in order to promote family members to high political positions. The DMK party is also full of servile trash like the Congress, but old hands like T R Baluu are unwilling to hand over their future to the tender mercies of the Karuna family and are putting up a stiff fight and hence the delay in the DMK participation. The DMK tried to put a spin on this by making it appear that it is the Congress which is being unreasonable; in fact the INC is only bending backwards to please the DMK and is willing even to appoint the Spectrum King A Raja and the SethuSamundar Samrat, T R Baalu to cabinet positions. So when the Congress is asked to only bend by the DMK it chooses to crawl.It appears that the struggle for succession has already begun in the DMK. The different factions are only arm twisting their way into a post-Karunanidhi world and the family wants desperately to retain control over the Party as the Party hold all the wealth

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sri Lanka After Vellupillai Prabhakaran

The military victory announced by the President of Sri Lanka over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam marks the end of 25 years of one of the most brutal and ruthless insurgent movements of the 20th century. Unfortunately many of the western powers such as UK, the EU, even USA before 9/11 identified the LTTE as a genuine liberation movement and extended both political and diplomatic support. The large Tamil diaspora spread out all over the world, in its shortsighted pursuit of identity politics supported the LTTE with money and material. It appears that it was the self serving Tamil diaspora spread out over Canada, England and Sweden that largely supported the organisation with aimed at complete control over the lives and destiny of the Tamil population of Sri Lanka.
The LTTE founded by Vellupillai Prabhakaran in 1972 waged a brutal war of extreme violence against the Sri Lankan state. In its pursuit of ethnic cleansing of Northern Sri Lanka it brutally attacked the Buddhist/Sinhala polulation and terrorised the Muslim population to quit the Northen Jaffna Peninsula. The world condemned the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia ans Serbia but it did not bother to condemn what the Tigers did in the name of Tamil pride. The LTTE ruthlessly and brutally killed several key Tamil intellectuals and politicians so that the slot of Tamil leadership could be occupied by Prabhakaran. Throughout the 1980's and 1990's leaders of the PLOTE and EPRLF were systematically eliminated by LTTE assasins. In fact the LTTE pioneered the dubious tactic of suicide bombing long before it became stock in trade of Islamic militancy. The murder of the former president of Sri Lanka, Premadasa, the killing of Rajiv Gandhi and the attempted assassination of Chandhrika Kumaratunga were all carried out by suicide bombers. In addition politicians of every shade of moderate opinion both Tamil and Sinhala were killed by the LTTE. Laxman Kadirgaman, Gamini Dessanayake, Lalith Athulathmudali were just some of the politicians killed on the orders of Prabhakaran.
The LTTE could not have become such a major terrorist organisation without the overt and covert support of the Indian Government. In 1983, when Mrs Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India, the Government of India permitted the setting up of 16 training camps for the LTTE cardres in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M G Ramachandran even referred to the LTTE terrorists as tambis, or younger brothers. No wonder then that the LTTE took full advantage of the situation and openly carried weapons even in the streets of Chennai and there have been several instances of LTTE men clashing with their rivals. The famous shootout with Uma Masesvaran who was later killed by the LTTE is still recalled with horror. In 1985 a bomb placed by the LTTE in Chennai airport exploded killing 65 people. In spite of the repeated acts of violence carried out on Indian soil, the Government of India continued to support the LTTE.
In 1991 the LTTE carried out the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in full public view using a human bomb, Dhanu. The LTTE justified the assassination of the former Prime Minister on the ground that he had sent the Indian Peace Keeping Force to Jaffna in order to implement the Indo-Sri Lankan accord. If this accord which formed the basis of the 17th amendment to the Sri Lakan Constitution had been implemented the Tamil problem would have been solved as the Sinhalese for the first time agreed to the devolution of powers to the Tamil provinces of the North and the East. The LTTE did not want peace and set about killing Indian soldiers and more than 2,500 Indian soldiers lost their lives in that costly misadventure. Alienating India was a costly mistake as the Sri Lankan government quickly converted the disquiet that India felt into indifference to what was happening in Sri Lanka.
The defeat of the LTTE makes the job of the Sri Linkman government all the more difficult as it must now work very hard to win the hearts and minds of the Tamil population. The President has made a noble beginning by saying that all Sri Lankans will be treated with dignity and equality in an inclusive state. The death of Prabhakaran has opened up a window of opportunity in Sri Lanka and the Government must act.
The last few days the saw widespread suffering in the war dfront as the LTTE held the civillian population as a human shield. Rajapakshe went ahead with his task of crushing the LTTE and in so doing the cost in human terms was huge and so a good beginning has to be made to win over the Tamil population and the distinct lack of triumphalism in Rajapakshe's speech in Parliament today is a sign of statemenship

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Dravidian Parties and the Sri lanka Jaffna Tamil Crisis

George Orwell pointed out several decades back that politicians use words not to communicate but to obscure, confuse and obfuscate. The Dravidian Parries, political, cultural and transgender ones, are past masters in this game. Take the term Sri Lankan Tamils, for instance. The use of this particular term would suggest that Sri Lankan Tamils are entirely Jaffna and Eastern Tamils only. The fact is that the Jaffna Tamils are of high-caste vellala origin and hence the Dravidian Political parties support them. The MBC and BC oriented politics of Tamil Nadu means that there so-called Jaffna Tamils get sympathy for reasons OF THEIR CASTE ORIGIN., The sympathy of the Dravidian politicos for the Sri Lanks based Tamils is not based on humanitarian principles but on caste considerations. The other section of the Tamil population in Sri Lanka, the plantation Tamils, are of Schedule caste and poor social and economic backgrpound, and therefore the BC and MBC dominated Dravidian8an parties show no sympathy for the Plantation Tamiols. The greatest surprise is the fact that Sc based parties like the Dalit Panthers led by Shri Timumavalavan also eschew the Plantation Tamils. Why does not the plight of the Plantation Tamils npot create any waves in Tamil Nadu, and the living and political conditions of the plantatation Tamils is much worse than the situation confronting the Jaffna based Tamils.The Indian media always confuses the issue by making it appear that the Jaffna Tamils are the sole Tamil population in Sri Lanka. The plantation Tamils were sent to Sri Lanka through the kankani system by which labor was recruited for the plantation economy in Malaysi8a, Sri Lanka and South Africa. The recruits usually came from ther lowest social sector and in India they would be classifies as the SC community. For this reason the Dravidian political dispensation does not highlight the conditions under which the highland Tamils live.The Plantation Tamils have no cultural or political rights and after 5 generation they are even considered stateless. These Plantation Tmils because of the lower social and economic status in the Tamil caste system are looked down by the Jaffna Tamil and do not intermarry or have social ties with them. The fact remains that the Plantation Tamils have no sympathy for the cause of the Jaffna Tamils. Karunanidhi must be laughing all the way to the election booth. His stunt of fasting lasted less than one hour and he went to thye grave of Mr Annadurai in the Marina with 6 air coolers a clutch of wives and party men. His shameless stunt may get him some votes in the game of competitive chauvinism indulged in by the high cast dominated Dravidian parties. It is obvious that Rajapakshe has a tight game plan and the killing of LTTE chief Prabhakaran is the beginning of the end of the politics of Dravidian EXCLUSIVITY

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lalu Prasad Yadava and his Foul Toungued Obsenities

The Yadava chieftain from the cow-belt of Bihar who is facing prosecution for the fodder scam, has said that if he were the Home Minister of India he would crush Varun Gandhi under a "road roller". We do not associate civilised behaviour with the politicians of India, but even by the promiscuous standards of Indian politicians, Laluji's comments seem to be far from the accepted norm of a loose, oath filled lying tongue for which politicians have become notorious. What is alarming that a man who holds a responsible position in the constitutional order of India can get away making such a barbaric remark. What is worse he believes that the Home Minister can get people crushed under road rollers as part of their perquisites of office. So apart from the pelf and corruption that come with a political office, Indian politicians now claim the secular right and previl;ege of getting people killed preferably under road rollers. I know that Mrs Indira Gandhi preferred to have people killed in car accidents. The fact that all people associated with the 1968 Nagarwala case died in road accidents cannot be considered a mere coincidence. Her father had numerous of his lovers killed and the less said about Rajiv Gandhi who justified the killing of 10,000 sikhs in Delhi the better. The people of India must have the sense not to vote criminals who speak the coarse language of a gangster from the gutters.It is high time the electorate made up its mind and rejected the criminals who masquerade as "politicians". I wonder why all the criminals from North India are from the Yadava or the Thyagi caste.

It is really strange that Shri Varun Gandhi, the son of Hon'ble Meneka Gandhi is being treated in such a shabbyn manner. Agreed that his comments that were widely attributed to him do not deserve any sympathy and bespeak of a mind set is more attuned to the rhetoric of the Congress Party than the BJP, the fact remains that his father the late Sanjay Gandhi was the first to introduce the kind of coarse language that has now become the stock-in-trade of that national disgrace called the Indian National Congress. I do not want the sins of the father to fall upon the son, but facts are sacrosanct and hence I am constrained to state this.Having said that it is the Congress that has brought about the absolute degradation of the political system by entrenching the filth of dynastic politics the BJP is forced to react and hence the relevance of Shri Varun Gandhi to the BJP. By effecticvely using the coarse language of Shri Varun Gandhi as a foil the BJP has dented the image of the Congress. Nothing works better than using one royal price against the pretender in chief, Rahul Gandhi.Booking Shri Varun Gandhi under the NSA is totally a bad move and it will generate a sympathy wave for the candidate and, I am afraid will give tonnes of legitimacy to the ideas of Shri Varun Gandhi. It is unacceptable that criminals like D P Yadav, Sahabuddin, Arun Gawli and scores more are able to contest freely while Shri Varun Gandhi sits in jain. I think Mayawati is playing into the BJP hans by doing this and I suspect, that the top brass of the BJP is not unhappy as it would get the sympathy vote. Is there a secret alliance with the BSP over the Varun Gandhi issue.The same arument over Sanjay Dutt. This man is not half as dangerous as Mulayam Singh Yadav and the dothi clad criminas in the Ydava political parties of the cow belt. But an example is made of him as he is easy pickings.I think the Congress and its brand of politics needs to be consigned to the landfill if Indian democracy had to survive.