Monday, May 4, 2009

The Dravidian Parties and the Sri lanka Jaffna Tamil Crisis

George Orwell pointed out several decades back that politicians use words not to communicate but to obscure, confuse and obfuscate. The Dravidian Parries, political, cultural and transgender ones, are past masters in this game. Take the term Sri Lankan Tamils, for instance. The use of this particular term would suggest that Sri Lankan Tamils are entirely Jaffna and Eastern Tamils only. The fact is that the Jaffna Tamils are of high-caste vellala origin and hence the Dravidian Political parties support them. The MBC and BC oriented politics of Tamil Nadu means that there so-called Jaffna Tamils get sympathy for reasons OF THEIR CASTE ORIGIN., The sympathy of the Dravidian politicos for the Sri Lanks based Tamils is not based on humanitarian principles but on caste considerations. The other section of the Tamil population in Sri Lanka, the plantation Tamils, are of Schedule caste and poor social and economic backgrpound, and therefore the BC and MBC dominated Dravidian8an parties show no sympathy for the Plantation Tamiols. The greatest surprise is the fact that Sc based parties like the Dalit Panthers led by Shri Timumavalavan also eschew the Plantation Tamils. Why does not the plight of the Plantation Tamils npot create any waves in Tamil Nadu, and the living and political conditions of the plantatation Tamils is much worse than the situation confronting the Jaffna based Tamils.The Indian media always confuses the issue by making it appear that the Jaffna Tamils are the sole Tamil population in Sri Lanka. The plantation Tamils were sent to Sri Lanka through the kankani system by which labor was recruited for the plantation economy in Malaysi8a, Sri Lanka and South Africa. The recruits usually came from ther lowest social sector and in India they would be classifies as the SC community. For this reason the Dravidian political dispensation does not highlight the conditions under which the highland Tamils live.The Plantation Tamils have no cultural or political rights and after 5 generation they are even considered stateless. These Plantation Tmils because of the lower social and economic status in the Tamil caste system are looked down by the Jaffna Tamil and do not intermarry or have social ties with them. The fact remains that the Plantation Tamils have no sympathy for the cause of the Jaffna Tamils. Karunanidhi must be laughing all the way to the election booth. His stunt of fasting lasted less than one hour and he went to thye grave of Mr Annadurai in the Marina with 6 air coolers a clutch of wives and party men. His shameless stunt may get him some votes in the game of competitive chauvinism indulged in by the high cast dominated Dravidian parties. It is obvious that Rajapakshe has a tight game plan and the killing of LTTE chief Prabhakaran is the beginning of the end of the politics of Dravidian EXCLUSIVITY

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