Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lalu Prasad Yadava and his Foul Toungued Obsenities

The Yadava chieftain from the cow-belt of Bihar who is facing prosecution for the fodder scam, has said that if he were the Home Minister of India he would crush Varun Gandhi under a "road roller". We do not associate civilised behaviour with the politicians of India, but even by the promiscuous standards of Indian politicians, Laluji's comments seem to be far from the accepted norm of a loose, oath filled lying tongue for which politicians have become notorious. What is alarming that a man who holds a responsible position in the constitutional order of India can get away making such a barbaric remark. What is worse he believes that the Home Minister can get people crushed under road rollers as part of their perquisites of office. So apart from the pelf and corruption that come with a political office, Indian politicians now claim the secular right and previl;ege of getting people killed preferably under road rollers. I know that Mrs Indira Gandhi preferred to have people killed in car accidents. The fact that all people associated with the 1968 Nagarwala case died in road accidents cannot be considered a mere coincidence. Her father had numerous of his lovers killed and the less said about Rajiv Gandhi who justified the killing of 10,000 sikhs in Delhi the better. The people of India must have the sense not to vote criminals who speak the coarse language of a gangster from the gutters.It is high time the electorate made up its mind and rejected the criminals who masquerade as "politicians". I wonder why all the criminals from North India are from the Yadava or the Thyagi caste.

It is really strange that Shri Varun Gandhi, the son of Hon'ble Meneka Gandhi is being treated in such a shabbyn manner. Agreed that his comments that were widely attributed to him do not deserve any sympathy and bespeak of a mind set is more attuned to the rhetoric of the Congress Party than the BJP, the fact remains that his father the late Sanjay Gandhi was the first to introduce the kind of coarse language that has now become the stock-in-trade of that national disgrace called the Indian National Congress. I do not want the sins of the father to fall upon the son, but facts are sacrosanct and hence I am constrained to state this.Having said that it is the Congress that has brought about the absolute degradation of the political system by entrenching the filth of dynastic politics the BJP is forced to react and hence the relevance of Shri Varun Gandhi to the BJP. By effecticvely using the coarse language of Shri Varun Gandhi as a foil the BJP has dented the image of the Congress. Nothing works better than using one royal price against the pretender in chief, Rahul Gandhi.Booking Shri Varun Gandhi under the NSA is totally a bad move and it will generate a sympathy wave for the candidate and, I am afraid will give tonnes of legitimacy to the ideas of Shri Varun Gandhi. It is unacceptable that criminals like D P Yadav, Sahabuddin, Arun Gawli and scores more are able to contest freely while Shri Varun Gandhi sits in jain. I think Mayawati is playing into the BJP hans by doing this and I suspect, that the top brass of the BJP is not unhappy as it would get the sympathy vote. Is there a secret alliance with the BSP over the Varun Gandhi issue.The same arument over Sanjay Dutt. This man is not half as dangerous as Mulayam Singh Yadav and the dothi clad criminas in the Ydava political parties of the cow belt. But an example is made of him as he is easy pickings.I think the Congress and its brand of politics needs to be consigned to the landfill if Indian democracy had to survive.

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