Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chander Mohan, Anuradha Bali and thenpolitics of matrimony

Anyone reading my posts would have realised that I am an inveterate enemy of dynastic politics and the cynical corruption of the Indian political class. Having said that I must add that the manner in which the son of Bajan Lal, Shri Chander Mohan, the sacked Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana was treated is not only shocking and barbaric, but also violates the spirit of the freedom of choice so precious to all of us. The politicians of Tamil Nadu have at the last count 3 wedded wives and scores of concubines and they find a respectable place in Sonia's (s)table and why should Shri Chander Mohan be treated differently.First things first. The statement of Shri Bajhan Lal disowning his son for having married his lover Anuradha Bali suggest that he has the right to decide for his son. Shri Chander Mohan was holding the responsible position of the Deputy CM of Haryana after having won the elections from his constituency 4 times. What does it mean to "disown" his son. Further he stated that the responsibility for the upbringing of his 2 children from the first wife, Seema, will rest with the "family". What law give Bajhan Lal the authority to take children away from the parents. I wish the ever alert mahilaa organisations take note of the patriarchal argument made by shri Bajhan Lal, treating children as if they were mere pieces of real estate. I am not defending Shri Chander Mohan, I am only pointing out that he has a right to live out his life with a woman he loves, for whom he gave up his political position. I am reminded of Edward VIII who abdicated the throne in order to marry Mrs Simpson. To my mind Shri Chander Mohan has shown spine and I laud him for it.It is obvious that the marriage with Seema had broken down and that she has the support of the patriarch. Chander Mohan need not have taken the dubious route to matrimony through a bogus conversion to Islam a la Dharmendar and Hema Malini. The Hindu Marriage Act does not mandate against a second marriage provided the wife does not complain. This is is the provision exploited by Shri Karunanidhi and scores of Dravidian politicians who practice polygamy with the elan of their Chola rulers.I saw both of them on TV last evening and it appeared that both seemed very happy together. Anuradha Bali was the Assistant Attorney General of Haryana and from the interaction on TV she seemed a highly articulate ans strong minded woman, If Shri Chander Mohan has married her out of love I think no one has any right to complain, least of all Bajhan Lal.The divorce laws are extremely antiquated and I think if one cannot live in a state of marriage he or she should be allowed to opt out. Shri Chander Mohan has only done that.I wish the newly weds the very best.

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