Sunday, May 24, 2009

DMK and its Dynastic problems: Manmohan Singh faces Difficulties in cabinet formation

The unexpected and may I add, rather shortsighted, electoral verdict from Tamil Nadu has given the thumbs up for the most rabid kind of dynastic and family based politics. The real issue before the aging patriarch of the Karunanidhi family is to reconcile the conflicting and increasingly unquenchable differences between the children of Muthuvel Karunanidhis's several wives and party loyalists. It is a well known fact that the daughter Kanimozhi is now emerging as his chosen successor in the "literary" field and therefore he would like to give her some post in the Central Government as a platform for her to develop and flourish after his demise. This is strongly opposed by his two sons, one with the improbable name, Stalin and the other the Lord of MaduraI, Alazhagiri. Now there is the curious presence of dayanidhi Maran the nephew and the most educated and ariculate of the Karuna tribe. The Congress is comfortable with this man and is willing to give him a minister ship.
The Congress which started this charade of Dynastic Politics is in no moral position to cry foul as it is shamelessly playing loyal coutier to Rahul Gandhi and Sonia. It would have been better if the BJP had made dynastic fascism as an electoral issue as the people of India did not struggle for freedom to hand over the nation to the New Mughals of Delhi. The DMK is fully exploiting the moral turpitude of the Congress in order to promote family members to high political positions. The DMK party is also full of servile trash like the Congress, but old hands like T R Baluu are unwilling to hand over their future to the tender mercies of the Karuna family and are putting up a stiff fight and hence the delay in the DMK participation. The DMK tried to put a spin on this by making it appear that it is the Congress which is being unreasonable; in fact the INC is only bending backwards to please the DMK and is willing even to appoint the Spectrum King A Raja and the SethuSamundar Samrat, T R Baalu to cabinet positions. So when the Congress is asked to only bend by the DMK it chooses to crawl.It appears that the struggle for succession has already begun in the DMK. The different factions are only arm twisting their way into a post-Karunanidhi world and the family wants desperately to retain control over the Party as the Party hold all the wealth

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