Sunday, November 8, 2009

Madhu Koda is Harassed and Humiliated by the Indian Establishmen's war against the Tribals

Everyone knows that Indian politicians are amongst the most corrupt in the world and the name of Spectrum King A Raja, Sukh Ram, Laloo Prasad Yadava and the late unlamented Narashima Rao are icons of filth, corruption and sloth of the worse kind. Yet the Indian people did not once punish them and the political system found place for them in the Lok Sabha. The only minister who was hauled up for crime was the Jharkhand leader, Shibu Soren and even he was ultimately let Scot free. The Spectrum King A Raja has made at least 50,000 crores and all that the chief courtier of Sonia can say is that he is innocent and the CBI is answerable only to the Prime Minister and therefore Spectrum King will go the Shibu Soren way. How much did Karthik Chidambaram make in the last few years and yet no response from the political class. However it is over eager to prosecute a tribal leader even when he is in the hospital,.
It seems Chidambaram has declared war on tribals: in the name of anti naxalite counterinsurgency he wants to eliminate the tribals from their rich forest land and hand over the areas to companies which serve the interests of Karthik and Co, I have always said that unless the people of India decide that the Indian Constitution does not contain any mention of the word Party and throw out the rascals who stand from organised thug gangs called recognised political parties the country has no future.
I am sure that Koda has made money. And so have 99.9% of the MPs. So why discriminate by invoking the law selectively

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