Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jeffery Archer in India

I am not a great one for novels. The time I have on hand I read heavier stuff ususally connected with history, medieval history to be precise. The other day I watched an interview with Jeffery Archer on NDTV. The host of the show was fortunately not that irritating woman Barkha Dutt but someone else. I was impressed with the fact that Jeffery Archer was forthright and candid in his answers. He even dealt with his 2 year prison term in a lighthearted manner. I cannot imagine the criminals sitting in the Indian parliament ever going to jail for the rape and murder they routinely commit. In the case of Jeffery Archer, apperently he paid money to a hooker and lied about it in court. I do not think that he did something that serous that he had to spend 2 years in Nalmarsh Prison, a prison that appears in his latest A Prisoner of Birth.I am reading that book.
Archer has a sense of humour and is extrekely easy to get along with. He is obviously addicted to Indian cricket and I cannot understand why.

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