Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is there any progress in the Ruchika case

The media hype surrounding the Ruchika Molestation and subsequent suicide case is unprecedented in recent history. I heard the eminent lawyer Shri Ram Jethmalani declare on NDTV show the other night that he does not think that the former DGP of Police of Haryana Shri SPS Rathore is guilty of anything serious. With criminal lawyers like that it is no wonder that crime is the biggest growth "industry" in India today. In the University where I teach a similar lawyer criminal became the Registrar and misued the position and power to forge his daughter's BDS degree from the Mahatma Gandhi Dental College at Pondicherry. Even though the Lt Governor of Pondicherry and the Dental Council of India were notified in writing nothing was done. From this episode I learnt a very valuable lesson: In India crime not only pays but the entire system protects the criminals and this is the reason why I advocate justice being brought to the criminals in high palces.

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