Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dr Srinivas Siras and the Alighar Muslim University

The suicide or murder of Dr Srinivas Siras, a Reader in Marathi at Alighar Muslim University, shows how intolerant and fascist the higher university system has become. Suspending a teacher on the basis of avideo probaly shot with the connivance of the AMU Administration particularly the Proctor's office shows very clearly the Dr Siras was targetted by the Administration. The Deli High Court has already decriminalised homosextuality and therefore there is nothing illegal or contrary to law to have consensual sex with a person of the same gender. In any event the fact that Dr Siras has a defferent sexual orientation is no reason for placing him under suspension. The University must form a high level inquiry to find out who had participated in the sting operation and whether the Local Intelligence Unit of the Vice Chancellor had any hand in it. It is so shocking that a man can be driven to his death is a so-called University by goons who have a free run of central universities all across the land. I am myself familiar with the criminal deed of A Gnanam and his Registrar S G Bhat when the former waas the VC of Pondicherry University and the later the Registrar. In fact the man even forged his daughter's attendence certificate and got her enrolled in the Dentist Council of India. The MInistry of Human Resources Development cannot plead ignorance because I myself sent the documents to the Visitor.
Kapil Sibal came to my University the other day and delivered a splendid convocation address. Though I have little patience for congressmen, I must admid that Kapil Sibal's address was both scholarly and inspiring. I wish he takes time off to see the horrible service conditions of teacher's in Central Universities. Unlike bureaucrats, teachers do not have a CAT and have to approach the civil courts and hence the Universities convert all disputes and grievances into disciplinary cases by misusing the so called autonomy. The murder/suicide of Sr Siras proves my point.
I am shocked at the incident and I pray that his soul finds eternal peace.

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