Monday, May 17, 2010

Naxalite Outrage Again: Why Chidambaram's war against the tribals will fail

The war launched by UPA II against the tribal in the heartland of India, labelled Operation Green Hunt is showing all the signs of early senility, exactly like the mental and intellectual processes of our "secular" congress brand politicians. Even dothi clad Harvard educated politicos are not free from that malaise. It is necessary to remember that across the social spectrum the Indian political establishment has lost legitimacy. Winning elections with money power and muscle power the politicians lord over the nation like the palaiyakaras of olden times. Even Chidambaram should know that his right to occupy his office in North Block is not without a huge question mark. Did he or did he not win his Lok Sabha seat. There are different versions about his vote share.
The is caught between the Indian security establishment and the Naxalite and with a cranky man like G K Pillai as Home Secretary it is unlikely that the Government will seee any success. I have often remarked in my extensive blogs that sending troops by carriers like trucks and buses is just stupid as the naxalites have mastered the art of using IEDs. The Government should strike at the supply side of the chain and clamp down on the sale of dual use chemicals. Further corruption within the Establishment has resulted in a steady flow of both information and arms and ammunition to the "liberated Zones". I think that Dothi clad nincompoop called Chidambaram should read classics like Mao's works, Sun Szu's Art of War, Machiavelli's the Prince and Clausewitz's On War and he will realise that he just cannot win this war as he does not understand the dynamics of what is going on. I have said earlier that Arundatti Roys's piece in the Outlook should be carefully perused as it contains valuable insight on the tactics of the Naxalite. Instead of blaming the so called intellectuals, the Government of the day should realise that the Indian political establishment does not have the loyalty even of tits own members. I think the BJP keep out of this war by just not commenting one or the other. Every naxalite strike is a coffin to inter the existing political calculus.
In the latest strike the naxalite have exposed the fact that the Government is using civilians as human shields in its war against the tribal

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