Sunday, January 9, 2011

Salman Taseer's Killing in Kasaabistan

think the holy land of Pakistan can be rechristened, at least by those living in India as Kasaabistan. After all the holy warrior who killed 186 people on 26/11/2008 came from there. I have decided to call Pakistan as Kasaabistan and I would urge all like mined people to rename Pakistan as Kasaabistan. They are obviously proud of his heroics in India that they are unable or unwilling to bring the perpetrators of that horrific crime to justice. In fact the gunning down of the Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer has been hailed as an act of a Gazi by the Kasaabistan press and I would like to reflect on that killing.

The civil society in Kasaabistan has disintegrated under the twin pressures of religious militancy and political and ethnic tension. If you remember what I had written when Benazir Bhutto was killed, I had said then and I repeat now that civilian rule will only make things worse in the country. The politicians do not enjoy any credibility in Kasaabistan and hence the Army has to step in. Even now the country is run by the military with Mr 10% and his gang from the PPP acting as frontmen. It is in India's interest to help the country along the path of total civil and economic chaos. Unfortunately the Indian Government has no long term plan except provide some guns and training to Baluchi terrorist who have turned to India not out of love for India but out of hatred for the mohajirs and Punjabis who actually run Kasaabistan.

The country was founded on the premise of religious identity and so for the Indian media to go looking for secular liberals in Kasaabistan is an absurdity. Salman Taseer was the darling of the Indian media. He courted and abandoned an Indian woman who very bravely went on to bear his child. How did Salman Taseer treat the young man when he tried to meet up with him in Rawalpindi. Read Stranger to History and find out for yourself.

I do not think that a country like Kasaabistasn can call itself a civilised society with men armed with guns killing each other and women in burqas blowing themselves up as suicide bombers. As long as religion dominates their thinking they will remain barbarous and violent and we should help them achieve extinction. Sooner the better.

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