Friday, April 29, 2011


In December 1995 when the Congress regime under P V Narashima Rao was in power a Latvian ari craft flew into India from Karachi and dropped nearly 500 Rifles and cases of magazines and high explosives on a sleepy village of Purulia on the Bengal Bihar border. Since that time there have been numerous quetions that have cropped up but no answers have been given. I am not surprised that the Congress regime did nothing to stop the arm,s drop, as I strongly believe that the dynastic fascist Congress Party is only a prop for a putrid dynasty and is not a political party. Be that as it may, the large Anotov aricraft flew right across Indian territory and at the exact coordicates alredy known to the Indian Government the arms were dropped. The aircraft was intercepted over the Arbian Sea and orced to land in Mumbai from where Kim Davy, the mastermind of this operation escaped. It now transpires that he escaped to Nepal in the official car of one of the Yadava crimals who was an MP at thatr time Shri Pappu Yadava. This Yadava criminal is now serving a life term in prison for murder and we hope his country cousins the other Yadava criminals--Mulayuam and Laloo--follow him soon.

Questions began to surface right from the start. For whom were the arms meant for. Kim Davy in an interview with Times Now claims that the arms were meant for the Ananda Marga who were being massacred by the CPM goons. I fully understans that the CPM is a Party of goons and so is the Trinamool COngress for that matter. So this part did not come as a great revealation to me. However, I am under the firm understanding that the RAW tried to intercept a consignment of arms commisioned for the Anand Marga and tried to divert it to a small local insurgency unit operating in Bangla Desh. This angle alone enables me to anwser the question why the Government of India disd not act even though the British MI 5 had tipped off the Indian Government and the Joint Secretary sent this information to the West Bengal Government by registered post aCKNOWLEDGEMENT DUE-- THE SLOWEST POSSIBLE WAY OF COMMUNICATION.

Kim Davy and Peter Bleach both seem to be speaking the truth. Peter Bleach was in prison for 8 years and Indian Government let him off with a presidential pardon before he could be tried. This itself shows that the Government of India is hiding something. Kim Davy on the other hand lives in mortal fear of being extridited to India where, like Batcha, he too will probably be eliminated if he sings like a canary. Thwere are far too many loose ends in thsi case and it only goes to show that the CBI, IB and RAW consist of men who like the Pink Panther are incompetent and at times even act the double or triple agent.

The fact that the radar was switched off on the crucial night of the air drop needs to be explained. Second, why was the CBI looking for KIm Davy in New Zealand and South America when it was well known that he was living in Copenhagen, Denmark. In oter words the CBI as it did in the sacr of Octavio Quatrrocci, the Bofors scamster, was adept in searching in the wrong palce and covering up after the ded had been done. As far as the RAW is concerned thetre is little parliamentary or political scrutiny over it. A Joint Parliamenmtary Probe must be conducted on it for the year 1985. The Purulia case shows that the RAW is incapable of even ferrying illegal arms to a small insurgency near the Indian border and that is the main reason I find it hard to beleive that the Balucci insurgents are being funded by Insdia. The only time the RAW tried its hand at the big boys's game was when it trined the LTTE in 26 trining camps all over Tamil Nadu in the 1980s and India ended up in a bloddy bloody mess in Sri Lanka. I think the Indian nation needs to be told the truth and the then Jt Directon of the CBI J K Dutt was so unconvincing innhis rebuttal that it left us wondering wheteer his blatant falsehoods serve only to escalate the questions marks on the subject.

The complicity of the Indian Givernment in the Arms Drop is there for all to see. However I do not think that the arms were meant for directing and fomenting an insurgency against the Left in Bengal. The RAW and MI 5 tried to use the viceral anti communism of the Ananda Marga to allow it to purchase arms ferry them to India and once over Indian airspace the Raw felt that it could hijack the operation and have the arms dropped in the Bangal Desh insurgent territory. As usual the Indian Government proved to be utterly incompetent.


Bahu Virupaksha said...

Just as I predicted the Government of India showed its complicity in the Purulaia case by trying to extradite Mr Kim Davy with an expired warrant. This itself shows that India has a lot to hide.

Bahu Virupaksha said...

The Home Ministry un P Chidambaram has become a national embarsssment. Recently it sent a request to Pakistan for a terrorist who was in Mumbai all the time. A political novice without stature in Tamil Nadu Chidambaram lacks political legitimacy as he was defeated in the MP election and got himself the ccertificate using Karunanidhi.

Bahu Virupaksha said...

Just as I predicted, the Dutch Court did not allow the plea of the cBI to extrdite Mr Kim Davy. The CBI is in cahoots with the very people who launched the Purulia Ams Drop and this failure proves that I was right all along.

Asit Guin said...

Anandmarg was very much involved with purulia arms drop case. They were planning for civil war in india. In 1982, anandamargis were conducting recruitment drive from Calcutta footpath. They were conducting child-lifting from Kolkata footpath. The whole anandamargis organisation is using "sanyas" custom of Hinduism as impersonation tools. These sanyasis themselves are kidnaped creatures in their childhood. Meanwhile, anandmargis kidnapped one young refugee-boy of that area and tried to force him to adopt sanyas. This boy was transferred to Varanasi center of Anandmarg and the boy escaped from there. Local club boys where the boy was a member decided to beat the anandamargis. Unfortunately, when the beating of the kidnappers started, the beggars and foot-path residents come running; participated in the process of beating; outnumbered the club-boys and ultimately killed the Margis. Till today , nobody knows the actual name of those 17 Margis; nobody claimed , whose relatives they are. Enough reason to suspect that these creatures were themselves kidnapped by anandamargis in their child-hood. Every nation have the right to be careful of emergence of such problematic organisation. KIM DAVY, the Purulia arms drop accused is a false person, using a birth-certificate of one Australian child who died long ago. Let govt also be careful regarding emergence of Anandmarg. Expressing sympathy for such anti-national group is highly objectionable.

Bahu Virupaksha said...

Mr Asit, I thank you for your comments and I do appreciate your point of view. I too o not endorse or support the Anand Magis and I made it clear. My only point was to show that in the Purulia Arms Drop case there are reasons to suspect the involvement of thre RAW which tries to hi-jack an Anand Marg arms consignment.