Sunday, June 26, 2011

P Chidambaram and Amnesia: Why the 1984 Riots organised by the Congress Party cannot be forgiven or Forgotten

Yesterday the Home Minister of India said someting no Home MInister of India have ever said: He asked the Sikhs to "forget the 1984 Riots and move on". This plea for amnesia is strange as the job of the Home Minsiter is to ensure the esucity of the State and its citizens. The main reason P Chidambaram made these thoughtless and callous remarks is bacause of the infighting within the Congress and the Home Minister wants to position himself on the side of the dynasty. Even the loose cannon of the Congress party its General Secretary, Shri Digvijaya Singh has not made any remark which rubs salt in the wounds of the Sikh community. P Chidambaram should apologise for his intemperate remarks and all should take a vow never to forgive or forget the black deeds of 1984.

In any civilised society, the Party like the Congress which was responsible for burning to death nearly 15,000 men in New Delhi alone would have been banned from the political field and its leaders proscecuted for organising and participating in the mayhen starting on October 31st 1984. Instead all that the party did was to make man like Jagdish Tytler, H K L Bhagat and Sajjan Kumar minister who even represnted India in the high councils of the world. Even after 27 years not a single person has been convicted for the crimes. Now the Home Minister asks the community to move on. Mr P Chidambaram is forgetting that the people of India have neither forgiven or forgotten 1984 and the Congress will pay a heavy price.

Why this indecent haste to bury the past? The present UPA Government is neck deep in scams, scandals and scum of every kind. After some time these scandals can also be forgotten and the nation asked to move on. The Congress has perfected this art of amnesis because the JNU breed of domesticated "historians" like to brush under the carpet all the crimes of the Congress in the name of fighting "communalism". I ask is not killing such a large number of men belonging to a minority community the worst kind of communal atrocity which even puts the post Godhra carnage to shame. It is shameful the P Chidambaram should say such an unkind thing.

There is another reason for the haste in burying the crime of 1984 comitted by the Congress Party: The Nehru Dynasty was in power and as long as that dynasty is in power such crime will take place and by making a Sikh the Prime Minister of India-- a dummy Prime MInister at that--the Congress cannot hope to cover up it gory, bllod filled past. India intellectuals are ever ready to apologise for the Congress Party but people will remember.

I hope 1984 is not forgotten and we will keep the memory of the horrible crime alive even if the Ramachandra Guhas of the world conspire to consign the memory of 1984 to the River of Lethe.

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