Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Mumbai Terror Strikes of July 13th 2011: Why India cannot deal with Jehadi Terrorism

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The recent terror strikes in Mumbai have demonstrated once again that the common Indian citizen will always be at the receiving end of terror strikes while the politicians escape. We have not forgotten the Dawood Ibrahim inspired 1993 blasts or the train balsts, or the India Gate attacks and 26/11/2008 will forever remain a day that will lie in infamy. The Congress response has been to draft the Anti Communal Bill which will make terror attacks even easier and will provide immunity to the perpetrators of terrorist strikes. The ruling party, particularly the Indian National Congress does not seem to realise that terrorism is not an identity issue. The fact that not a single sentence has been carried out to punish those guilty of terrorist attacks only serves to embolden the jehadi groups bent on creating mayhem in India.

There is absolutely no ground level intelligence gathering network that can provide information about plots, targets and finance. The civil liberty groups have ensured that there is blanket of security for all terrorist groups to operate with utter one is saying that suspects should be immediately be arrested and thrown into jail, but there is need to have deep roots in the muslim communities, particularly of northern India and Kerala in order to identify potential recruits for terror attacks in India. A proactive policy of stopping terrorism is far better than merely indulging in platitudes after the even. The misplaced commissions such as the Sachar Commissions give legitimacy to a moslem sense of alienation. There is poverty and deprivation in all sections of Indian society and by making that an identity issue, the Congress Pary and its acolytes only encourage a feeling of alienation among the Muslim sections of the Indian population. It is the same misguided policy that led to the Partition and the Indian National Congress in its present dyanstic fascist avatar has not learnt lessons from the past.

Apart from community based intelligence gathering, the country needs to have a doctrine to deal with terrorism. When the BJP handled the Kandhahar crisis one way the Congress politisied the issue and when the BJp advocates strong action, then the same foul moujted congresmen say that there is a communal agenda at work. Unfrtunately the "communal" bogey is raised whenever step need to be taken to protect the aam admi from jehadi terrorism. The politicians are not targetted and hence they do not worry about the plight of the common citizens who die in these brazen attacks. And the jehadis do not attack the politicians because they know that if they do they will be destroyed. In other words the Congres regime does not care about the loss of life in jehadi strikes.

Just think of the case of Kasab, He has been sentenced to death but the sentence is yet to be carried out and because the Congress regime wants to let Afzal Guru escape, Kasab will in all probabiity be repartriated back to Pakistan in a few months/years time. We have an absurd situation here in India where terrorists get full protection and the citizen gets none. There is a lot to be learnt from Israel and the success Israel has had in dealing with Palestenian terrorism. The justice of a political cause cannot be used to justify terrorism and Israel has shown how to deal with militants. Indian Government must seek the cooperation of MOssad and Mossad must be involved in training Indian Intelligence wing. I must also add that RAW and IB are both full of traitors and they must be disbanded.

Even as the death toll mounts, Prithiraj Chavan says that the NCP has the Home portfolio and hence the bomb attacks. Nothing can be more cynical and criminal than this statement. Instead of taking the responsibility for failing to protect the people of Mumbai, Chavan is making political capitsl. Congresman like vultures will feed on the dead bodies of our fallen citezens and they must be eliminated. As long as India continues to vote the corrupt criminals who are now in power the country will bwe asoft target.


Bahu Virupaksha said...

Almost on cue, Rahul-ji, the poker faces yuvaraj of Sonia and her Congress says: "WE CANNOT PREVENT SUCH ATTACKS".

In other words Rahul-ji is saying to the aam admi get used to bomb attacks and mayhem se cannot prevent them from happening. Get used to them and do not crib.

I wish that the people of Maharashtra and India vote snsibly next time around and not hand over the country to criminals.

Bahu Virupaksha said...

The terrorists who planned and excecuted the blasts know very well that they can get away with impunity. The Government of the UPA and the Congress-NCP Alliance in Maharashtra will not do anything to either capture or prevent such attacks as their "seculat" credentials dpend on the protection extended to terorists. In the rare event of the capture and conviction of the terrorist, then the sentence can be kep pending until kingdom come. The people of India need to introspect and see whther a corrupt, criminal Government is worth the candle.