Monday, March 4, 2013

Hon'ble Naredra Modi and the Wharton Business School Invite

A look at the world of politics, statecraft, diplomacy and books USA is in the game of criminalizing political leaders it feels will not toe her line. As far as USA is concerned less said the better. American actions have led to the death of at least a million men women and children as a direct fallout of the Iraq invasion and its policy of arming rebels all over the world. Yet USA behaves as if its political leadership can sit in judgement over other leaders with implacable democratic credentials. Hon'ble Narendra Modi has been elected three times as the Chief Minister of Gujarat and with the end of the dynastic fascist party, the Congress very near the Nation looks upon the Hon'ble Narendra Modi to provide leadership to a nation wracked with violence, scams, corruption and an economy in decline. The Indian courts have not found even an iota of evidence to implicate or even link the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Gujarat with any act of omission or comission. This itself is in contrast to the situation with regard to the Congress Party which was responsible for systematic butchering of at least 15,000 Sikhs in North India alone and went on to reward men like Jagdish Tytler and H K L Bhagat with ministerial posts. And USA has no problem dealing with the Congress because it supports the gobal strategic vision of USA AND iNDIA IS BEING DRAGOONED into an anti China alliance. Hon'ble Narendra Mosi was invited to participate in an India Economy Discussion at Wharton School of Business. The Gujarat success story is as real as the economic transformation of China and was achieved through systematic encouragement of entrepreneurship and a governance where there in not a whiff of corruption. Again a contrast with the Congress which is now embroiled in the latest Westlamd Hel;icopter scam. Double digit frowth rate is not easy to achieve in a stare which is not rich in natural resources. Wharton invited him and like a Facebook account it not "unlike' Hon'ble Narednra Modi. The liberals in the USA have made it their agenda to target Modi and recently Martha Nussbaum even issued a fatwa against Modi. Do American Universities not have the freedom to invite guests who are perceived to be politically on the wrong side. I have always believed that academic freedom was within the margins of acceptable debate, and the Narendra Modi episode shows to the whole world the politisied nature of American university culture.

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