Saturday, August 31, 2013

Barack Obama, the Syrian Chemical Attack and the Dogs of War

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"Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of War". This line from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar is appropriate today as the American President, Barack Obama sells his idea of war against Syria to the world. The American establishment has lost all credibility in the Middle East after using the contrived charge of weapons of mass destruction to depose and later hang Saddam Hussein. It is well known that it was USA that supplied Iraq with chemical weapons during the long war with Iran during the 1980s and suddenly USA became so upright and self righteous that it found "chemical weapons an obscenity" in the purple prose of John Kerry. In fact many of us who supported John Kerry when he ran against George Bush were both disappointed and let deceived by this change in tone. Now he is serving Barack Obama and so he has to speak the language that his master wants to hear.

It is well known that USA and France are both very keen to intervene in the civil war that is underway in Syria. The two countries have perfected the recipe for  regime change: arm a rabble, let it loose against the Government, shout that a humanitarian crisis is at hand, get the Arab League to issue a statement in favor of intervention and then tilt the balance of power in favor of the rebels by transferring sophisticated arms and prevent effective counter measures by a no fly zone. This recipe first cooked up in the Balkan crisis let to the division of Yugoslvia into its constituent parts and was effectively deployed in Iraq, Libya. In both these countries the legitimate rulers or governments were forcibly removed and the Presidents were killed in the most brutal manner.Unfortunately, the world does not seem to recognize the pattern of the statecraft of the two White countries.

In Syria the last bastion of Baath resurgence in the Middle East, the Assad Government has played a role in transforming a pastoral society into a fairly successful non confessional state and this grates the countries like Saudi Arabia which do not want a successful non confessional society close to its border and USA does not want any social and political stability in the region. Right from the inception of the civil war USA has made, in defiance of international law, noises in support of the rebels and has been arming the rebels with sophisticated weapons. When Barack Ombama declared quite gratuitously the use of "chemical weapons would be a red line" he was only encouraging the rebels to use chemical weapons so that a pretext for intervention can be created. The  Russian and the UN team have found no evidence to support the contention that the Government forces used the weapons and there is documentary evidence to show that the rebels have used the weapons in the past and Obama conveniently forgot this fact. China and Russia have both decided not to support the USA in its criminal aggression against Syria.

History shows that USA used chemical weapons in Vietnam and the people of that country are still suffering from then aftereffects. USA collected all the data of the use of chlorine gas from the Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 1984/ And the less said about the use of nuclear bombs the better. The world does not see USA as a state committed to peace.

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