Tuesday, September 28, 2010

China outdid itself in the Olympic Games: The Congress Party Heaps Shame on India

It is often said that India and China are rivals both in terms of economic power and soft power. While India has shown impressive growth rate of 8.2 % per annum, its political class is under the delusion that it can rival China in organizational ability and projection of the image of an emerging world power. If China can host the Olympics and make a spectacular spectacle before the wholw world, India can host the Common Wealth Games and earn some brownie points for itself. Unlike China, India has a fractured political system that inibits the delivery of any large scale goals and objectives. The entire political system, particularly the dynastic fascist Congress Party is mired in crime and corruption and India unlike China is termed a "soft power" because of its inability to deliver any of its commitments both legal and constitutional. Vested interests have eroded the very edifice of Indian polity.

The Olympic games in China were so well handled that nearly 3 months before the games were to begin the venues were finished and all facilities were ready and the world was awe struck at the majesty and impressive display of soft power that China put on. Now contrast this with India.

The India way of doing things is to create a multiplicity of agencies and offices to do the same job

and the consequent dilution of both power and responsibility facilitates large scale kickbacks and corruption. Suresh Kalmadi, a low brow politician from the ruling Congress Party was put in change of the Common Wealth Games and the India Olympic Committee was also give line responsibilities, thus both agencies took an intense dislike for each other from day one and both completed with each other to undiermine the strengths and objectives of the other. More than 2 billion US dollars (35,000 thousand crores) have been spent and the manner in which public money was squandered would even put some African kltetocracies to shame. I am not surpirised as the COngress is a Party of crime, corruption and dynasty. Even though the whole copuntry was aware of the venality with which this Kalmadi fellow asdminstered the games, he was not pulled up because he enjoyed the support of the big-wigs in the party.

The games village and other venues have an unfisnished lokk about them and are not of the standard expected of a country hoping to claim the 21st century as its own. Apart from corruption, the absolute lack of tase on the party of the organisere was evident when one Bhanot who glories in the title Secretary General of the Common Wealth Games, gave a banal press conference where he justified the shoddy work in the most barzen style. The Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh cannot escape responsibility because he was aware of the deplorable state of affairs but showed no interest in rectifying the situation. His Sports Minister, a formed Chief Election Commissioned Dr M S Gill was busy strutting his hour on the stage instead of ensuring that the country's nose is not ground in the dust.

The Games village is in a shabby state and even a snke has been found in one of the buildings. Many teams are now pulling out and world class atheletes are pulling out of the games.

It is better that India puts its own house in order before taking on such grand projects. The people of India must relaise that if they elect the Congress they will reap humiliation and crime.

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