Monday, October 25, 2010

Had the Chilean Mining Disaster Happened in India

The Government of Chile,especially the President and the Mining Minister have won the admiration of the world for the dedication with which both of them carried on with the task of rescuing the 39 trapped miners. No histrionics,no loud self congratulations,no obscene back tracking and leg pulling. The two behaved with such grace and dignity that I think the crass, corrupt criminal tribe of Indian politicos can learn a lesson or two from what happened in Chile.

This set me thinking. What would have happened if the same had happened in India. The first thing which would have been set afloat are charges and counter charges of corruption. The mining equipment was secured on the basis of a bribe, the newspapers would scream.The CBI and CVC both would have entered the fray. Never mind the men trapped underground are not in anyway helped by such obscene newspaper and jounalistic hype.

Then we have the pretty face,perky Barha Dutt woh would land on the scene "in a sense" and thrust her perky tits and mike in front of the rescuers and ask them the most inane questions, forgetting that there are real human beings involved,she would launch on a calculated tirade against the "callousness of the Indian Establishment" and in the process of humouring this b***h precious time would be lost. I cannot forget or forgive her coverage of the Kargil lWar which was done in a lop sides manner. Or can we forget the manner in which NDTV covered the Mumbai Terror attacks of 26/11when the live, streaming images helped the terrorists holed up in the Taj.

Then will be the turn of the tele intellectuals from JNU to grab the eyeballs of nations.One nattily dressed sociologist will be trotted out and he will fill the air waves with "post colonial"nonsense. The Indian State does not care for the marginalised he will thunder and the rest of us zombies will nod in silent admiration at this great wisdom displayed by this Professor of Sociology of JNU and his elite tribe. If the mining disaster had happened in a tribal area then New Delhi's resident naxalite, Arunaditi Roy will be at her eloquent best.

In the medley of charges and counter charges, allegations and posturing the men will be forgotten and will die.

Thus India will sacrife precious human lives in order to pass the buck

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