Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack, the American Law Enforcement and the Media: Lessons for India

A look at the world of politics, statecraft, diplomacy and books The President of the US, Barack Obama vowed in the memorial service that justice will be done to the victims of the Boston Attack. And just four days later one of the terrorists is dead and his brother Zzhovar Tsarneav has been arrested. Can we in India ever imagine a terrorist attack being brought to such a speedy and resolute end. I say it is very near impossible because at every step of the way Congressmen like Dig Vijaya Singha and others will advocate politics based on the identity of the perpetrators of the terrorist attack and Indian law enforcement has become the joke of the country and even in those rare cases where the terrorists have been convicted and sentenced to death identity politics is ensuring that the sentence is reduced or "commuted" to life imprisonment. India can learn quite a few lessons in becoming a hard state from the example of the USA. Right from the moment the bombs went off the Boston, Massachusetts and Federal; Law enforcement agencies like the Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco Bureau (AFT), the Boston city police and the FBI acted in clear concert with each other without making politics over jurisdiction. In India whenever there is a terrorist attack the first casualty is investigation because "Law and Order" is a state subject. Of course when the silly constitution of India was drafted it lifted whole passages from the Government of India Act of 1935 which instituted Dyarchy and at that timne terrorism either as a national or international issue did not plague India or for that matter most of the Asian world. Now the state are unwilling to concede to the CBI because under successive congress regime the Central Bureau of Investigation has become a political tool to harass and intimidate opponents and the most recent being the Coalgate issue which is supposed to be monitored by the Supreme Court of India directly. Yet the CBI allowed the Outlaw Minister Ashwini Kumar to whet the report so that the involvement of the Prime Minster and others can be obfuscated. I call Ashwini Kumar an Outlaw Minister because he is been found guilty of misconduct in a court for bribing the witness and yet he is the Law Minister of the UPA. Just imagine what credibility this fellow has. In USA on the other hand the case was recognized as a potential federal case and all niggling issues over jurisdiction set aside till the man hunt was over. This is the first lesson: Investigation should be done by an Independent body which is not controlled by the executive as most Indian ministers are rapists and criminals. The participation of the public in the investigation was exemplary. The call from the FBI and the police to post video and cell phone footage of the race was rewarded immediately as the 2 brothers were spotted walking with absolute nonchalance toward the spot where they detonated the bombs. No attempt was made to sensationalize the crime. I remember Brakha Dutt and her "heroics" during the Kargil war and more recently during the November 26, 2008 terror attacks on Mumbai. Her coverage of the 26/11 attack provided advanced information to the terrorists holed up in the Taj Hotel who could see on their television screens the landing of the Black Cat Forces thanks to that f@c@ing B@@ch Barkha Dutt. Many policemen lost their lives due to the senseless acts of this Padma Shri of the UPA government. Then came the statement of the m,ad dog of the Congress Party Dig Vijaya Singha that Henant Khrakhae was not killed by the Pakistani terrorists buit by "Saffron" terrorists. This code word is now used in India to deflect attention from Jehadi terrorism. Even the flak jackets used by the India special forces was sub standard because the dynastic fascists took commissions and sub standard flak jackets were supplied. I was amazed at the professional manner in which the police took charge of the crime scene and imposed the lock down of Boston, Waterfront and Cambridge. The American police Identified, Isolated and Killed the prime suspect. If this happens in India the first thing which the tongues of our so called "experts" and Teleintellectuals from JNU will holler is that it is "fake" encounter" and then all kinds of silly conspiracy theories will do the rounds in the electronic media. Dig Vijaya Singha did not even spare the Bhatala House encounter in which a policeman was killed. I think it is time policing became professional in India and freed from line control of the political class. In UP a young honest and perhaps earnest police officer called Zia - ul - Haq qas killed by the criminals associated with Raja Bhaiya aa thug turned politician of the Samajwadi Party. Till now that fellow has not been even questioned let alone arrested. In USA a young officer was killed on the campus of MIT and within hours the terrorist was killed. This is the right way to enforce justice. The people of Boston behaved in an exemplary manner and I salute the Federal State and County police.

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