Sunday, April 7, 2013

The vulgarity of dynastic fascism: Why dynastic politics harms India

A look at the world of politics, statecraft, diplomacy and books Ajit Pawar, the nephew of Sharad Pawar has said something so terribly obscene even by the standards of Indian politicians that I am forced to write about it. The drought in Maharashtra is due to wrong water derangement policies and rampant corruption in the Irrigation Department. In fact the department has figured recently in a huge scam andf of course given the fact that a UPA ally is involved nothing came out of the exposure. In fact Indian politicians are not afraid of indulging in high level corruption because they know that they can get away. The Hindu this morning revealed that Rajiv Gandhoi way back in 1975 even before he entered politics was the middle man who negotiated a deal for a feet of aircraft for India. Wikileaks must be complimented once again for this exposure. Then came Bofors and not a single conviction. The same is true of the anti -Sikh Riots of 1984: the Congress hushed up the entire episode under the convenient blanket. Ajit Pawar says that he cannot fill the dam by "urinating " in them. When the people of Maharashtra are facing the most severe crisis caused by the drought his remarks only reveals a dynastic fascist mind set that has only contempt for the people of India. Do you think that the people of India i. e the voters will punish such politicians when they come up for reelection. I do not think so. Indians do not have a powerful public memory and vote on the basis of extremely short term considerations. Had the Indian voter been intelligent and discerning he would not have voted the UPA to power by defeating the BJP led NDA Government. Of course, the first past the winning post electoral system that India is saddled with makes it possible for undesirable elements to gather the plurality of votes. Rahul Gandhi made yet another of his stupid meaningl;ess remarks that has rightly earned him the title Amul Baby. He says that India is a "bee hive". Does this stupid fellow even understand the implications of his remark. In a bee hive you have a parasitical queen bee and an army of drones and workers who gather "honey". The Congress Party is gathering honey for a "queen bee" and the drones i.e the chidambarams, the C P Joshis, the ManMohan Singhs, the Kapil Sibals etc gather honey. How apt this metaphor is. Even a stupid man like Rahul can come up with amazingly accurate analogies. If Indian reward dynastic fascism they are only putting the seal of approval on a culture of violence, corruption, criminality and rape. I hope the Indian voter has more sense in 2014.

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